Beat the summer HEAT!

It’s hot outside! Why tan outside and sit in the sun with little to no breeze? Mirror Image Salon and Tanning has a great alternative to those who enjoy getting a tan in the middle of the summer but want to beat the summer heat.

Beat the summer heat with three levels to choose from

Who really want’s to spend the day out in the heat with little to no breeze? Why We invite you to stop by and try any one of our three levels of tanning beds and get your bronze on while our fans keep you cool in just twenty minutes or less.

Beat the summer heatIf you have never used an indoor tanning bed, or are looking to try our salon stop by and we will show you our three different levels of tanning for beginners and even those that have been tanning for years. Indoor suntanning is a fun quick, way to get yourself a great sun-bronzed look regardless of the season or how much sun is actually outside.

Relax and enjoy

Each of our tanning beds has a stereo, so you can pick a radio station that suits your music taste while you relax and get your tan on!  A great way to spend up to twenty minutes in an air-conditioned environment getting a little shut-eye while getting your summer tan.  Call us for the latest specials at 541-664-1313 or check out our facebook page.  Also, Click here to check out a description of each of our tanning beds.

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