Curly Hair Tips

Anyone with curly hair has heard on multiple occasions from your friends with straight hair, OMG! I love your curls. Meant to be a compliment, they have no idea the difficulties of styling curly hair.

Knowing how to style curly hair can often be a challenge. How do I style the front? Which side should it go to? Do you have a good side? More often than not, people with curly hair have a good side and well, a not so good side. One side is always curlier than the other. Am I right girls?

Tips for curly hair starts here

  • curly hairComb from the bottom.

Combing from the bottom is the gentlest way to remove or detangle a knot. If combing hair from the top down. You will just compile the knots at the bottom. The only way to get out of this mess is to power through it ripping hair out and leaving a mess behind. Always use a wide tooth comb and never a brush.

  •  Trim regularly

Spit ends never look good, and they make curly hair even look worse. The frizziness peeks. It is important to schedule a trim with your hairdresser every six to eight weeks to remove damaged ends leaving your curls healthy and bouncy.

  • Check your shampoo

One of the worst things for your curls is sulfates. Sulfate is an additive used in cleaning products and detergents that is way to harsh for curly hair. Big Sexy Hair has a sulfate free volumizing shampoo. It provides body with weightless moisturizer leaving your hair clean and curly.

  • Deep conditioning

In the winter, the cold, dry air will wreak havoc on those curls. And summer, don’t even get me started with summer the dry heat and the wind. These just do not mix with curly hair. Curls need extra hydration. Curly Sexy hair by Big Sexy adds moisture and controls the frizz. Don’t forget to rinse your hair in cool water. It’s better for your hair, and it locks the hairs cuticle leaving it soft and moisturized.

  • Styling

The first tip to styling curly hair to let your hair air dry. Hair dryers can leave your hair damaged and dry. If you must use a blowdryer. Dry on low heat and use a diffuser. One of my favorite hair tips is the perfect pin. When the curls are frolicking in front of your face, take the curl, give it a twist and securely pin it from underneath. Another common complaint for the curly hair go’ers is the lack of volume on the top of the head. A simple cure for the flat head it to just give it a spin. Flip the part to the other side.


For more information or tips for curly hair stop by Mirror Image Salon and Barbershop in Central Point.