At Mirror Image, we offer three levels of tanning with a variety of pricing options that best suits your needs. Our most popular option is our monthly packages. This is a great value and a perfect choice for our clients who utilize our services at least three times per week. We also offer Single Sessions and Packages for our clients who don’t tan as often. Call us at 541-664-1313 or stop by our and check out our salon. We would be happy to give you a tour and help you pick the best package for you.


Bed #1

The Santa Barbara

This entry-level system delivers outstanding results in a luxurious atmosphere. Designed to blend elegance and functionality, this unit offers 100-watt lamps, integrated 5-speed body fan and premium Heartland audio system. The Santa Barbara has a built-in AM/FM CD Pioneer sound system, twin-turbine air shower, and an easy lift canopy. Up to 20-minutes delivers an outstanding luxury tanning experience.

Bed #2

24XS Power by Wolff

This 15-minute bed has 50% more bronzing rays, So if you are looking for a deep, rich tanning experience, the 24 XS Power will satisfy your tanning needs. The 24 XS Power Facial 220 Volt tanning bed has 24  lamps in a comfortable, curved tunnel design that makes maximum use of reflected rays.

Bed #3

The Catalina VIP 3200

This 15-minute high-quality system delivers an outstanding luxury tan experience. The Catalina VIP 3200 also has a built-in AM/FM CD Pioneer sound system, twin-turbine air shower, and an easy lift canopy.


We are proud to be able to offer you several different tanning options to choose from. All of our tanning rooms and equipment are professionally maintained, clean, and designed to give you the best tanning experience. We carry the best in products including bronzers, accelerators and aftercare moisturizers.



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