Tips to Prepare Yourself for Waxing

As spring gradually gets closer, so do shorts and flip-flops. For some, vacations are right around the corner. It’s time to break out the razors or better yet, make a wax appointment for the soon to be exposed skin. Don’t get us wrong; there are certainly some excellent shaving butter and creams out there. But for extended periods of smoothness, we recommend professional waxing.

waxingHere are a few tips to prepare yourself for your wax appointment.



Gently exfoliate your skin a day or two before your wax appointment. Gentle dry brushing or using exfoliating gloves is an ideal way to remove or slough off dead skin before your appointment. Avoid rough washcloths and harsh exfoliating creams.

By removing the dead skin before your wax appointment. It allows the wax to stick to the hair instead of the skin providing a smoother wax without the bumps and ingrown hairs that can be associated with waxing. Always be sure to moisturize after exfoliating to keep your skin smooth and hydrated.


It’s essential to communicate with you esthetician. Make sure to talk to your waxer before she starts about any skin sensitivities or allergic reactions you may have had in the past. It is also important to communicate with her on any medications you are taking. Some medicines have adverse reactions to waxing. In addition, you should always avoid waxing during menstruation as it causes sensitivity and can make the process more painful.


Unfortunately, waxing can be painful in sensitive areas. The more you wax, the less pain you will encounter during a waxing session. It is important to avoid caffeine and alcohol and even exercise right before waxing. These cause blood flow which increases pain during waxing.

You may take Tylenol before you wax, but you should avoid aspirin. Aspirin works as a blood thinner, and it induces blood flow. Avoid aspirin and other blood thinners at least an hour before an appointment.


It is just as important to take care of your skin post-wax. Keep your skin hydrated with moisturizer. Keep your hands off the freshly waxed skin. It can cause irritation and can even cause infection. You should also avoid tight clothing and wait at least 24 hours before tanning.


The Estheticians at Mirror Image Salon are fully trained in waxing. You can feel confident that your technician will take the utmost care of your skin, level of comfort and final results during every waxing appointment.